Saturday, February 25, 2012

There Be Dragons out there!

Been a bit since I chatted atcha. The internet is loaded with astounding information formerly hidden deeply away from all prying eyes.  Rich, mean, powerful people tend to forget they make enemies in high places, and that their own arrogancy is the very instrument of their demise. They get betrayed by their egos.
This blog is about Prosperity.  It takes many forms, and for the righteous folks out there doing good, some really good stuff is on its way.    The Year of The Dragon is good stuff. It is a turn around time for us.  The scales are being balanced, and huge battles are being fought on the spiritual plane.  Our veil is being ripped away, and we are beginning to see the long hidden agendas unmasked for what they are.  Lies, and illusions. It feels like we have come to God's Jubilee..

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