Monday, July 2, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

Today is Cananda Day.  It is also my brother's birthday, which is more important to me. I called him and wished him Happy bday James. He turned 62.  He also went to the auto auction and bought a van, since his died for good.  Cool. 
I went to a home fellowship meeting, where I met the Hunchback of Black Diamond. Her name was Ellen, and I just loved her.  She was probably close to 90, but shining with the Love of Christ.  Turns out she know my former pastor Peter at Black Diamond Pres. I went to the Ukraine with Peter and a team. We worked hard, walked for miles (hard work for an out of shape fat man), ministered in open air theatres in -10* depgress. It was cold. I played the frozen keyboard.  It was a blast, because the people were so hungry for Christ, they came and stood in the cold to listen. The communists were much more open to the Gospel than any American school. 
Today, we have come to a time of New Beginnings. The old order is perishing and a New order is arising.  Its the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  The Zodiac is in the process of completing a 26,000 yr cycle, and everything starts afresh.  The earth is reeling from the burden of wickedness on the planet. Somewhere in the Bible we are told that the earth cries out for justice when innocent blood is spilt on it. Maybe its time to speak out for the babies who are being slain in our land. The Medical community will be judged for its participation.
We need to turn this mess around, by choosing a different path. The path of giving, and not taking. I heard a report from the Oil and Gas Producers today, and usage is down 30%.  We are making a difference.
Free energy is ours for the asking. I am asking God to give me free energy.  I have amassed some magnets, wire, wire schematics, and designs for different free energy devices. I need allies  to come along side in faith. Little help in prayer here!
 I recommend you get  yourself some silver coins, and get all cash out of savings, because the Banks in America are about to undergo a holiday. That is where they close the banks and you can't get no cash, not even the debit cards.
Get some extra food water, and toilet paeper.