Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Plan!

Everyone needs to dream. A dream comes from inside your heart. Sometimes you can get the foundation for your life from a dream. Dreams guide, warn, and also serve to instruct you on the next step you need to take to achieve your dream. Dreams provide the drive, determination, or Motivation required for you to get off your butt and DO SOMETHING to realize your dream. The more energy you expend on your dream, the quicker it turns from a figment of your mind to a reality that has manifested in your life. There is real power in thought. Thoughts are the substance God uses to bring things into your life, whether good or bad. What you are thinking about is what is going to manifest. Be careful for what you wish for, for it may just come true!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Is Prosperity?

Its 1:33 am on Sunday morning. Its our day to go to Church, where we have been fellowshipping for about 10 years now. I have gotten up and shared a few times. It has always been my custom to defer to "deeper anointings" than what I considered, "My Own", which comes to me directly from His Indwelling Presence.
I told God that I was flat burned out on going to try and find His Presence anywhere except in ME! I wanted to walk in the Truth, no matter what. I figured that since the Very Nature of God is Love, what have I got to lose by grabbing ahold of His shirt tail and believe WHAT He said! All I had to lose was my sin, the weight of guilt, self condemnation, loser attitude, the bad and its conseqences. He says, "The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal Life through Christ Jesus". Any external poverty is a real manifestation of poverty of Spirit.
The God and Father of Jesus owns the Whole thing....:"The earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof". He is the One Who Is truely running the show on earth "through mankind". He has given us freedom of choice, and I intentionally chose poverty, because I figured it was "saintly" way to go. Wellllllll, since making the vow, in a moment of ignorance, I brought poverty into my life, through My choices, made in the flesh. I have come to learn the folly of that decision. The good news is "God causes all things to work together for good to them that love the LORD and are the called according to His purpose"!
The LORD once spoke to me that my education didn't help matters. Being filled with pride and selfish ambition, not to mention arrogance, spiritual deafness, etc. didn't help either. Still, I am convinced that I have been on a custom designed, personal spiritual growth program, designed just for me. In other words, after "recieving Christ", I began to go through hell. Hell on earth is God's way of telling you that the course you are on is not the way to go. Turn back and go another direction. That is called "repentance".
I had to go through my entire belief system to figure out what was affecting my subconscious behavior. What "lies" was I holding as "truth"? I believe that is the quest that Solomon was on in his time. He tried everything to understand life. His conclusion? Give God HIs due because He Alone deserves it.
What does all of this have to do prosperity? Solomon sought life with great zeal. He prospered "purty good" in my opinion. He also seems to have had a real "thing" about sex and women, if you consider all of the wives and concubines he had. The conclusion of this matter is that whatsoever you focus on, you will attract into your life. Its called the "Law of Attraction". Thats why we are told to "focus only on Good Things", and they would manifest. They also insisted that one had to "believe" that what he or she said, would come to pass!
Think about that.
Bless you