Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Faithfulness of God to His Own.

Okay, its Wednesday, November 16.  The sky still has not fallen, and there are a lot of very concerned souls who are quickly awakening to the reality of the condition of the world.  It seems as if the whold world is rushing headlong into a place of utter chaos. The battle continues on for the control of men's souls, and hence, their future destiny. Are you a Conquerer or are you a slave?  It appears that we are all in a state of mental apathy through our choices of thought. Television is an incredibly powerful tool for brain washing. Why do think the advertisers are charging such outlandish rates for permitting their product commercials to be aired over the TV?   I learned a theory called "Spaced Repetition" which states that if a person hears something 6 times, he will beleive it is the truth. 
The Truth is, all actors are paid liars.  They may never have even tried the product they are hawking.  Don't believe anything the TV states.  Every word is chosen to influence the way "they" want us to think. They choose the enemies for each of us. They create the problem, then offer their product as the solution.
God is The Father to those of us who are "born again" through faith in Christ. God is a Father, and WE are His sons.  The truth is "What soever a man soweth, that shall he also reap". Since Christ is in every man, they way we treat each other, is the same way we treat the Creator. "As you do unto the least of My brethren, so do ye unto Me.".  Food for thought.  I always say, "Be kind to me, a sinner, O Lord". He says, that was why I sent Jesus, to teach you to overcome evil with good.".  Amen