Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Doubts Anyone?

I received a comments from one reader as follows:
"do you ever have doubts about if God is real?
do you ever have doubts that Jesus was the son of God in the flesh?
are you able to explain the Trinity?
what is the Holy spirits role ?
thank you"

Question: Any doubts God is real?

Answer: Nope. The proof for me has always been, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Nature is the external manifestation of the Creator. It didn't just take a hen, but also a rooster to come up with the egg. God is the life itself growing out of basically nothing. I have no problem at all believing in God. Its the nature of man that has always confused me. On the one hand, man can be so "Godlike" in his character, then turn at the drop of a hat and destroy everything he just created. That is what war is. Jesus warned us, "whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, so do ye unto me.".

Question: Any doubts that Jesus was the Son of God in the flesh?

Answer: Nope. The fact that God raised Him from the dead, and then having performed a few miracles "IN HIS NAME", is enough for me. The reality of the Holy Spirit in my life is another proof of the validity of Who Christ is. The part that gets amazing is His teaching on prayer.... Remember, he starts out with "When you pray, say 'OUR FATHER'." Our Father? You mean to tell me that Jesus, and you and me have the SAME FATHER? Do you realize that if God is your Father, and Jesus is your Brother, than you are also 'DIVINE in nature, as God Himself is, because you are His Seed?, and therefore holy, as He is. Don't have no problem with Jesus being the Son of God. Its Me being a Son of God that I have struggles with. According to the Bible, its true.
What do you have to say about that?

Question: How do you explain the Trinity?

For me the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit = One God) can be seen like water is in its different forms, depending upon the temperature. Water can be liquid, gas, or solid, but its all the same thing, but manifesting differently according to the temperature. God is Spirit. Our true nature is also Spirit, because we were with Him in the beginning, before the foundation of the world. We are spirit beings, as God is, who live in bodies, and manifest outwardly as our soul (mind, will, emotions). We can observe from a person's actions what "kind" of person he is. i.e. "naughty or nice". Our behaviour, in large part, reflects how we view ourselves in God. If our doctrine is "God is Out there somewhere", we act one way.
If we believe He actually lives "inside us", that makes Him a lot closer and our actions more responisible. Me? I know that God lives in me, hears my prayers, and even answers them, not always as I desire, but I know He hears me. Besides, He is sovereign and is in charge.
I see the Trinity as just ONE GOD. All that exists comes our of God, including y'all and me'all. I see all things existing in a many dimentional form. For me, heaven is in another dimention that is spiritually connected to this one, and who knows how many others. The mind is a powerful thing. God has connected it with the tongue and ability to create. Blessing and cursing are in the power of the tongue". His Holy Spirit is with us, and ready to lead as we invite and obey.

In summation, I think the wisest course of action for any human is to do what Jesus said, and treat each other the way we want to be treated. Trest him as if his welfare was more important than your own, and you will see God in action. You become a manifestation of Christ with that mindset. For that one, all things are possible.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What the Flock?

Just read this article:

From reading this, us Americans are going to have to wake up. Chins has already
developed WPM and is not bashful about using them on a first strike basis. Now isn't that a cheerful thought. Oh, I have good news. The WPMs will not destroy the property, only the freedom loving Americans in them. They want our resources, but not our bodies, except as slaves.

Please take this article seriously, go read that article, then ask Holy Spirit what
to do? ONly He is capable of getting any of us through this mess. Don't forget, you are a being of light, possessing a body, YOu are your soul, not your body. The Holy Spirit is your very life whether you acknowledge it or not. If you ever wanted to connect with the One with the keys to the other side, the Kingdom, its now. The door is none other than Jesus Christ Himself. Knock and it shall opened.

He loves you, ever if your heart if filled with hatred. He knows how blind and stupid you are, but loves you in spite of your shortcomings. He's just like that! He loves you as a Father loves His son. You are His son. Come home, but you must forgive your enemies first. Help JESUS! I forgive. HELP JESUS! Amen

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Internet Prosperity

Okay Guys, here's the deal. I figure its time for a few of us to start hanging together and find the God of Abundant Life, and internet prosperity. Granted that God is beyond having to "work for a living". He also freely gives to all who come to Him. I figure that God loves me. He has chosen me, before the foundation of the earth to be found in Christ Jesus. How do I know? Because He Himself, by His Spirit elected me to believe that Jesus is the Christ, was sent from above, was who He said He was, and Is, and is to be. Now, He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and the gold and silver are His, and I am His son, by adoption through faith in His Son. His son is in me, and He is in His Son, so He is also in me. Therefore all of us are one!
Is that clear?
Okay, I have never really seen the "abundant" side of eternal life. After all, I am the Prodigal. I have returned. I am tired of eating the leftovers of the poor. Thats what going to the food bank means to me. Thank God there is a food bank, otherwise lots of us Yanks would go hungry, and many do anyway.
Actually, I must confess that I have seen the abundant life while I was in the world.
I flew in private jets (once), stayed in first class joints, and others always paying the tab. Eating high on the hog, and drinking too much, and continually trying to outdo the next guy in the pecking order. After all is said and done, you owe your soul to the company or whomever, there is no peace, and you continually fretting about how to keep it safe and make it grow for old age. I don't have to worry about that.
I got zippo in the bank, 2 cents in savings, and can truthfully say I have given away thousands of dollars to the Lord's work, as I beleive He led me. By so doing, I beleive He has carried my health, cancelled debts, put my enemies at peace with me, and continually provided for me up to this very day.
Okay, now I am asking God to raise the ante for Kingdom works. I want you God to put it on one of your rich chosen ones to part company with 200K. I want to generate up to 100K per month income. Why not? The internet is wide open and I figure God can afford it. I am not a non profit corp. I don't have a corp, only a licensed non profit ministry, licensed to preach the Gospel. I am an ordained minister, lead a wee felllowship of ministries. God can do what ever He wants. He wants to bless you according to your faith and your words, and works.
I know lots of ministries I am eager to undergird, especially those helping kids. I also want to help refugees resettle, put in fresh well systems, provide bucket seeds, and a metal hoe. Also sewing machines.
Just ideas. I am also asking God to show me how to build an "energy cell" that will pull free electricity right out of the atmosphere, be without power limits, cheap to make, really made out of off the shelf components, be lightweight, durable, and portable. It should be powerfully enough to run electic motors and engines to generate enough power/torque to move cars, trucks, boats, planes, ships, pumps, industrial equipment, tractors, etc, without the need for renewable energy. I ask God to give me this design, then provide me with a team of engineers (automotive, eletrical, hydraulics, mechanical, and electronic speacialist, with programming geneius, tied in together with a battery, power distribution expert, someone who understands how to put the systems into working order.
I personally want to power my home, car, and motorhome with such a power source. Theank you Father for sending in such an group of angels. Lets do it NOW! O God of the Living. All creation is groaning awaiting for the revealing of the sons of God who I beleive will "git 'er done". In Jesus, Name. Amen
Okay, if you are the guy/gal who has the key to this puzzle locked up in your trunk in the attic that your grandfather was working on, its time to let the scanner and internet do the work for you. Send me your ideas and attach plans to email. Lets just keep it between us. I will share everything one way or another. If I can get a viaable business going here, you will get shares of ownership..... My only stipulation is that a portion of all income always goes to help the poor....
My email is