Friday, February 24, 2012

Hi Family

If you are reading this, you must really be bored, or at least curious as to what I am all about.  I don't work a job, live frugally as the LORD has made provision for me. I have been on a life long quest to know and understand the ONE True God, and I believe you probably have also.   I have learned that He truly is not far from any one of us, since it is His Very Essence which is the Substance that each of us is made from.  He is Energy, Life, Love, Abundance, Healing, Delivering, Forgiving, Helping, Assisting quietly and providing for every need.  It appears from all the signs and wonders that
THE Big Change is here.  Don't know what that is going to look like, but what an amazing time to be alive.
The worm is turning.  Let the weak say, "I AM Strong".  I am whole. 

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  1. The prophets are declaring that the heavenlies are saying, "Sow NOW! Reap Forever!" Also to get ready for We are at New Beginnings......